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About EnergyQuest Magazine

EnergyQuest, Professional Magazine for Oil, Gas & Energy Professionals. Proudly Promoting Energy Made in South Sudan.

EnergyQuest Magazine is a quarterly produced Oil, Gas & Energy magazine with focus on South Sudan. The magazine gives close insights on the latest events on the country oil, gas & energy industry including investment opportunities and an outlook on the future of the only mature East African oil producer. The magazine also provides latest industry information and opportunities on the East African oil and gas discoveries and developments.

We aim to be great stewards of the information and news we are given to be the leading publication in news on the oil, gas & energy industry in the countries making up East Africa. The magazine is fully owned and run by Geopetro Oilfields Services Limited, a local oil and gas company providing services in the E&P sector.

EnergyQuest Magazine is the leading publication dedicated to promoting oil and gas businesses directly to the oilfield workers. At EnergyQuest, we have the commitment to be a platform to profile the small business owners to the large operators who are representing the oilfield industry and marketplace and who can both encourage, provide role models, and increase awareness to the communities they are doing business in.

By getting company impressive profiles and their very latest work and achievement as well as short and long term plans shared nationwide and potentially regionally. EnergyQuest will only published such information that are branded as available for public consumption by our clients. The government on the other hand, share with the operating companies as well as general public important insights on how the oil and gas industry is shaping up to benefit the country.

We strive to engage and stimulate our audience through contents that facilitates discussion amongst Oil, Gas & Energy Professionals. If you are interested in being a contributing writer or a subscriber or avail your impressive company profile.